DIY Customised Levi Shorts - because paying over £30 is just not cool!

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So my little sister informs me that she wants a pair of cut-off Levis. I told her to go looking in charity shops or ebay for an old pair and i'll cut them for her... turns out my sisters' patience and laziness kicks in and she opts to buy a basic pair from a 'vintage' shop for £20! 

Ok first of all, I don't have an issue with any vintage shops selling these shorts s'long as they are genuinely vintage... secondly, I would never pay £20 for a basic pair of denim cut-offs... well anyways the damage is done right? hmm...WRONG! Now my sister wants to 'experiment' and bit further and she decides to cut them some more... baring in mind her non-exsisting experience with altering clothes- it was a disaster!

I've managed to rescue the shorts form her evil scissor baring hands and I am now at a stage where I need to restore these some how to their former glory and with customisation thrown in as well.
Now the easiest way i could think of saving these shorts was to add some frill or lace to the ends (as they were cut quite short!) I have a massive bag of old clothes ranging from tshirts to socks to knickers- that can me re-used for material bits and bobs. Amazing I had an old pair of frilly pants that were too small for me so cut them up to use them! This is my progress so far... what do you think?

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