Why is it so hard to clear out my wardrobe!?

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Ok so like in a months time I'm gonna be moving out and I'm not looking forward to all the packing, sorting and clearing that you have to do. I am lazy. FACT. and I am a hoarder. DOUBLE FACT. I wish there were real cleaning fairies and animals from Disney- like the kind woodland animals that come into your flat and tidy up for you... 

Oh tits.

As if moving into a new place wasn't bad enough- I am moving in with my boyfriend... and his family- 'I KNOW!'- so that we can start saving for our around-the-world trip that we are planning. The downside to this arrangement is that all of my stuff has to be condensed from spreading throughout a whole flat to one room. Boo. 

The fact that I am a hoarder- I don't like to throw away clothes etc in case randonly one day I may need it again- makes it hard for me to even contemplate what I need to start giving up! Who knows when I may need my old pair of battered Nike's, holey leggings and faded band tees ...

Now if only I was rich enough to pay someone to come into my wardrobes and clear it without me realising... anyone know how I can get ahold of these services for free? ha!
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