Lilac hair... I want!

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So i am currently in the process of dying my blonde locks a lilac/silver colour. Now I did the research and noted that it will work really well on the whitest hair so have re-bleached my hair to give it a 'whiter' feel. I did a little research and bought some toner shampoo that reduces brassiness and produces a lilac glow. It wasn't as effective as i hoped and in-fact I found this method to produce patchy results. I decided to buy a cheap semi-perm dye from La Riche Directions and also applied this to my hair. It wasn't the best look- my roots and ends took well to the colour but only made the patchiness worse! So I am at the stage now where I am desperate for a little guidance. I googled a tutorial that I actually found really useful- and I am going to try out the advice and see how it goes. This is my hair so far but I am hoping to get it more lilac!
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