Galaxy Leggings... Ordered!

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So for ages (we're talking like 18months now!) I've wanted a pair of leggings from Black Milk and finally with my hard earned bonus I decided to get a pair! It was a tough choice as there are so many pairs that I like but the most timeless and coolest pair (in my opinion) are the Galaxy leggings. I really wanted the purple galaxy leggings however they were out of stock so my second choice was the black galaxy leggings. Now the one thing I have to say about this clothing brand is that these are all hand-crafted by Black Milk's own, in a studio in Australia. So I know some poor kid in China isn't doing it. Secondly the 'community' vibe that this brand carries is extraordinary with girls from all over the world (a.k.a Sharkies) helping one another out with sizing issues, styling options and so on. It's a great vibe and I'm proper happy to now be a fellow Sharkie!

So anyways my leggings.... this is a pic of them from Black Milk's official site... I really recommend you check out the site and get yourself a pair because they are totally awesome! Ah come on just do it! Join the gang and become a Sharkie- you know you wanna!

xoxo Butterflyrose oxox
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