What to wear on a Saturday night...when you have F*ck all to do...

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Ok so usually I have an ocassion to get dressed up and wear my finest on a Saturday night but tonight i find myself without plans. So what do I do? What do I wear? I mean naturally most people will chill out on the sofa and watch whatever is on TV. Normally by now, i'll be sipping a vodka cranberry and listening to whatever comes up on my playlist and trying on a bizzilion outfits before putting on the first one I went for...so what can I do to fill the void?? I put on my aztec print leggings, baggy grey top and my Thomas Sabo peace sign pendant necklace and find myself on the sofa. A night of comfort dressing!

After much scouring online, reading blogs and updating my Pinterest, i check out my favourite online boutique atm, Black Milk. I really want to buy a pretty pair of leggings but there's so much choice i can't make my mind up!!

Now all that's left to decide is Purple Galaxy leggings or Tape leggings? hmmm...  both are totally awesome- maybe i'll get both!? Help!