Erdem X H&M Collection | REVIEW

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Erdem X HM review
Logo from H&M

Man I was really stoked when I heard who the latest designer collaboration with H&M was going to be. Erdem. Erdem collaborating with H&M. What an exciting moment for both brands!
The sneak previews were killing me. Floral prints, unisex shapes and a blend of materials and textures such as lace and wool. Ah man. I needed it.

I'm never successful on release days but I was keen to try my luck, I always do! Half hour before it was due to go live in the UK I had my MacBook, iPad and mobile all ready to go on the app and desktops. I was praying I could get a spot in the queue. I had looked at so many pieces I wanted and really wanted to try and get a coat, the yellow Chanel-style skirt suit and the hoody from the Mens section (because black is always better than grey!) My issue with H&M sizing varying so much didn't help but I decided to persevere and if I managed to get anything I would get in my usual UK size 12.

To my utter surprise I got through on the app straight away. I panicked ordered the skirt and matching jacket and then quickly got the hoody. When I saw how smooth it went through to checkout I thought I would be cheeky and see if I could also order the wool-blend coat and to my surprise it was still in stock - so I quickly checked out and was excited at my success of getting all the pieces I wanted!

I was so excited when it all arrived in big boxes. I had seen the hype online and couldn't wait to have that unboxing moment myself. All the garments were beautiful at first glance.

Erdem X HM review
Styled flatly with the skirt from the collection. Styled here with ankle boots from Matalan, Nirvana t-shirt from Primark, Sunglasses from Miu Miu and baker boy hat by H&M

Ah man. The H&M sizing. They really let me down here.

The size 12 skirt wasn't even getting over my knees if I'm honest. I even tried it over my head but nope. It was soooo small. I'm gutted. And it looks like I wasn't the only person who found it small when I looked on Twitter.

Erdem X HM review
Wool blend jacket from collection

The size 12 jacket - perfect fit. In fact I could have easily got a cardigan underneath it in terms of layering so positives for that - but negative for not being able to wear my skirt with it. Which is really why I bought them together.

Erdem X HM review
Details on the jacket from collection - front pockets and jewel encrusted buttons

Men's Hoody - Medium - Ah bugger. Should have sized down to a small. It was ginormous. It had really generous arm length as well and even though I love baggy styles this was just too baggy. I was also surprised at the quality. £50 for a hoody is a lot in my opinion and I felt like it was no different to their £14.99 hoodies!

Erdem X HM review
Mens black hoody from the collection

The wool-blend coat - this was my biggest let down. At 5'7" the coat was skimming my ankles - good luck if you were any shorter! This coat was huge and not in a trendy oversized way. It was HUGE. I could have easily ordered an 8 and still had room for it to look baggy. Super disappointed with the fit of this coat and with the fit of the items I had got in this collection.

Erdem X HM review
Wool blend oversized duster coat from collection

So bloody typical that the one drop I finally get my hands on goes disastrously! It wasn't meant to be clearly and I guess I can get my money back on my H&M account.

Never mind, I wonder what designer they will collaborate with next?


A Weekend Away in Malmo

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A row of houses in Malmo, Sweden

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I recently had a weekend away in Malmo, Sweden. I chose to visit here because I had read many reviews about this laid-back and cultural part of Sweden and also because it's only a 35 minute train journey to Copenhagen - one of my favourite cities! Two birds, one stone! (I'm blogging about my time in Copenhagen next!)

To get to Malmo from the UK

I flew with EasyJet from Gatwick direct into Copenhagen Airport. It was a short pleasant flight, in total an hour and a half. When you get through to baggage claims there's a ticket machine to your right selling train tickets direct to Malmo -  20 minutes across the border via Øresund Bridge. It cost 110Kr (approx £11) one-way.

What to do in Malmo

Personally the best way to see Malmo is either by foot or bike. They had plenty of rentable city bikes in multiple locations. It's worth noting that I visited early October so the weather was a little chilly but it was gorgeous as Autumn had well and truly begun.

I love nature and wanted to find the best parks that Malmo had to offer. I visited Pildammsparken and Kungsparken and I was not disappointed.
Pildammsparken Malmo
Pildammsparken, Malmo
Pildammsparken has rows of ridiculously high hedges, a lake you can walk all the way around and beautiful landscape gardens and ponds. Lots of secret passages and interesting artefacts hidden amongst the greenery!
Pildammsparken, Malmo
Secret passage (near the landscaped garden), Pildammsparken, Malmo
Kungsparken is the daddy of all parks in Malmo. Here you will find the city library, castle ruins, numerous art installations, a cafe, a small botanical garden and a castle mill! It has so much to wander around and see we spent a while here following all the different paths around. 
Kungsparken, Malmo
Slottsmollan (Castle Mill), Kungsparken
We walked to the coast from Kungsparken to try and catch a glimpse of Øresund Bridge and the Turning Torso but it was so damn misty we didn't see the bridge but we got an average view of the Turning Torso.

Turning Torso, Malmo
A view of the Turning Torso for the coastline, Malmo
Fave places to eat in Malmo

Cafes -
Soderberg & Sara - a bit further out in the neighbourhoods but good coffee and pastries
Noir - offering everything you need from coffee and pastries to healthy juices and snacks
Lunch/Dinner -
Bastard - The best chicken I have ever had. The menu frequently changes here and I'd recommend booking before you travel to avoid disappointment - If they are serving the chorizo corn get it! Because OH. MY. GOD.
Satori - lovely, light pizzas and famously known for it's Vegan buffet (95kr)
Piccolo Mondo - Italian. The risotto was amazing. Also if you can sit inside do it! the decor is art deco come gentlemans club mahogany wood. It's brilliant!
Surf Shack - because burgers! And order the garlic fires because you WILL NOT be disappointed.

To be honest a weekend is more than enough time to visit everything that Malmo has to offer. The only thing we didn't have time for was to go to Sved neighbourhood as it's known for its fantastic street art and murals.

Malmo is super relaxed and as far as I'm aware it hasn't got a wild party scene so if you want more out of your weekend other than walking around and eating then I suggest adding a day trip to Copenhagen.

I actually visited Copenhagen during my weekend staying in Malmo and I'm going to write about it in separate post so keep your eyes peeled!

Until the next adventure...

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